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Learning about Cause and Effect

Unit III students are studying cause and effect in a way that creates a unique exchange with their teacher, Dana Pease. Pease recently taught the students about cause and effect via a remote learning language arts lesson by sharing her iPad screen with her students. “I use a Notability document that I can write on and the students can write on the screen share as well, for the rest of the class to see,” said Pease. Pease said students then diagrammed cause and effect sentences together. Once students received their instruction, Pease asked them to take a look at the books throughout their homes to find instances of cause and effect during an activity called, “Book Look.” “They took pictures of the pages they want to use, underlined the example sentence and uploaded it to Seesaw, a remote learning platform,” said Pease, adding that she and her students will reconvene in the next few days, via remote learning to discuss the students’ assignments.