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Kindergarteners, First-graders Hold Plant Sale

A school year of first-graders’ and kindergarteners’ hard work culminated with a plant sale in mid-May. Throughout the year, students prepared for the year-end sale by growing or propagating plants, including bell peppers, sunflowers, and a variety of herbs, from seeds. “The garden project was incorporated into the students’ daily lessons involving math, Project Math, science, social studies, language arts, and visual arts curricula,” said Project Math teacher Liz Lorenz. “The garden project reinforces the mathematical skills and concepts from the classroom and provides students with foundational knowledge and experiences they can build upon as complex mathematical concepts are introduced down the road in their math classes.” Gardening efforts focused on the square foot gardening method, which allowed students to learn about area and perimeter, repeated addition, skip counting, and arrays when planning the garden bed layouts. Students then hosted the annual spring plant sale, where they practiced making change, advertising, and presenting to a group. “The profits from the annual sale are reinvested into the garden project in order to help maintain a sustainable program for our students,” Lorenz said.