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Junior U.S. History Students Interview Lotspeich Third-graders

As part of their study of the Civil Rights movement in the United States, juniors in Dan Polifka’s U.S. history class visited Lotspeich to interview third-graders about their knowledge of various Civil Rights movements in history and ask third-graders what questions they have about history. Juniors will use the information to write books. “We’re wrapping up our unit on Civil Rights by creating children’s books,” Polifka said. “The idea of the unit is to take stories that are often portrayed as too simplistic, learn about their complexity, and then figure out how to communicate that clearly in a way kids can understand. Communicating clearly is a really big challenge, but I’m sure my students are up for it!” Juniors interviewed the younger students about African-American, Latino, Native American, feminist, and LGBTQ+ movements. They will return to Lotspeich before spring break to read their books.