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Junior Saxophonist Performs in Select Cincinnati Youth Jazz Orchestra

Junior Wes Gardner, a member of Seven Hills’ contemporary ensemble, auditioned for and was selected to play as a member of the Cincinnat Youth Jazz Orchestra (CYJO). The Cincinnati Youth Jazz Orchestra offers a high-level challenge in a big band setting with emphasis on developing professional musical, improvisational, and performance skills. Gardner said he is thrilled to be part of such a prestigious, competitive orchestra. “It is a great experience to be apart of CYJO, not only because it is a fantastic program to play music through, but it is also a program deeply involved in the jazz community of Cincinnati,” said Gardner. “I may see a band play one night, and then the next day those people who I just saw up on stage might be teaching me how to feel swing in triplets, or how to phrase a bebop line.” Gardner said he also feels fortunate to be able to play alongside his peers throughout the city. “All the other kids in CYJO are very passionate and accomplished players as well. Each week I am inspired by them to become a better musician.”