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It’s All about Probability

Unit III students recently completed an in-depth study of probability and statistics, learning new concepts and reinforcing what they already know. As part of the unit, students participated in several activities where probability came into play; cards, spinners, dice, and other games of chance. One specific activity the students played was rock, paper, scissors, then recorded their results. “Each time you play, you keep track of who wins each round,” said teacher Julie Guminey. Students partnered up and played 18 rounds of the game, graphing their results on a grid. After they finished, students answered questions about the different outcomes and were asked to decide if the game was fair. Then, students designed their own probability and statistics game, and each was shared and played in small groups. Students learned that many everyday skills depend on knowing and understanding probability. The study of probability and statistics stresses the importance of questioning, hypothesizing, and searching for relationships when formulating and solving real-world problems.