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Integrated Inventions

Students in Unit III have been tackling academic and social discussions about global issues in a number of ways that are bringing together scientific method, engineering design, historical context, and social studies. “The students first brainstormed and narrowed down to a few global issues they felt were most relevant and important, including hunger, pollution, animal extinction, and poverty, then did the researched, using websites like the United Nations and PBS kids to find out more about these issues,” said Unit III teacher Dana Pease. “They later wrote reports and generated opinions and worked through possible solutions.” Pease said all Unit III teachers took part in helping students approach the issues in a number of ways. For example, teacher Bill Schmidt is also working with the students on inventive ways the colonists learned to fight the British, while teacher Julie Guminey introduced robotics to the study, leading students through investigations and working through how to problem-solve. “It’s all going to tie in,” said Pease. “The students will ultimately learn how to solve problems using innovative thinking and inventions.”