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Hopping Along in Pre-K

Pre-kindergarteners for 2-year-olds on Doherty Campusrecently enjoyed a visit from a furry, fluffy springtime friend. The students recently learned about rabbits and bunnies, with opportunities to pet them while the bunnies hopped around in a playground box made especially for the rabbits by students in Doherty’s Encore program. The Encore students, who are in first through fifth grade, made the rabbits a hideaway they creatively added spy holes, trap doors, sky lights, and carrot feeding compartments, along with a bed and three  handmade pillows. The 2-year-olds enjoyed interacting with the rabbits while the animals were in the box, because the special box provided a challenge for the bunnies and piqued the curiosities of the young students, said teacher Julie Brackett.