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Planned Giving

Planned giving through the Seven Hills Legacy Society

Make a Big Impact with a Future Gift

Planned giving through our Legacy Society is a way in which friends of Seven Hills can help shape the course of our students’ lives, and ensures the continued richness of a Seven Hills education. Seven Hills is immeasurably grateful to all those who remember the school and its students and teachers in their estate plans.

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Start here to learn about the various gift options available to you.

Ways to Give through the Legacy Society

There are many ways to provide financial support to The Seven Hills School.


For many alumni, families, and friends of Seven Hills, a bequest — of any size — is the preferred way to make a Legacy gift to the school. Remembering the school as a beneficiary in your will or trust provides a way to make an important gift of money, real estate, or other assets.

Popular among our alumni and friends, a charitable gift annuity is a simple contract between you and Seven Hills wherein you agree to make a gift to the school and the school, in return agrees to pay you (and others if you choose) a fixed amount each year for the rest of your life. It is perhaps the easiest way to ensure a reliable, long-term income stream for you while providing an important gift to The Seven Hills School.

If you have built a sizeable estate and are looking for ways to receive reliable payments, consider a charitable remainder trust. This plan enables you or other named individuals to receive income annually for a life or a period not exceeding 20 years from the assets you invest in the charitable remainder trust. Seven Hills would become beneficiary upon the close of that period.

A gift of real estate is a wonderful way to support Seven Hills. If you own appreciated property, you can avoid capital gains tax, which would otherwise be due if the property were sold, by making a gift to the school.

By making a gift of your appreciated securities in your will, you can avoid capital gains tax that would otherwise be due if the assets were sold. Click here for more information about making a gift of stock to The Seven Hills School.

A gift of cash is a simple and easy way to make a Legacy contribution. You will receive a charitable tax deduction that will provide you with savings on the current year’s tax return.

A gift of your life insurance policy is an excellent way to make a contribution if it is no longer needed to benefit your survivors.

If you would like to know more about planned giving through Seven Hills Legacy Society, please contact Director of Development Margo Kirstein at 513.728.2437 or at

Please note: This planned giving information is not presented as legal or tax advice.