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Build. Connect. Inspire.

Our future begins with a new vision for Seven Hills: to Build a school where every day gives every student a chance to Connect with someone or something that Inspires them.

Build. Connect. Inspire., the Campaign for The Seven Hills School, was taken on in order to fund the next phase of Seven Hills’ success and growth. It’s about the moments that spark learning, growth, and confidence in our children’s lives—and Build. Connect. Inspire. represents our moment as a school community. It’s the next chapter in a long history of generosity that has made possible everything we love about Seven Hills.

The multifaceted capital campaign was focused on investing in our campuses to further the comprehensive vision for the future of Seven Hills that imagined how we could use every space and every square foot of our campuses to support the widest range of learning opportunities and the strongest school community. This vision for our school, which was set forth in the 2012 Strategic Plan and strengthened by the2014 Master Site Plan created by the Board of Directors with the input of the whole community, identified the following top building priorities: an early childhood center on the Hillsdale Campus, a center for arts and leadership, and enhanced athletic facilities.

We approached this plan in three phases:

Phase One 

Phase One aimed to secure resources for our most immediate needs by incorporating strategic investments in our Lower School facilities and also investing in some of our athletic facilities. Our capital fundraising efforts resulted in $8 million, which allowed us to build the Nellie Leaman Taft Early Childhood center on the Hillsdale Campus, complete renovations to Jones Hall and the new Kemper playground on the Doherty Campus, and build the Lower Fields Athletic Complex.

Phase Two 

Phase Two focused on adding facilities that will help Build our community and Inspire our students to Connect with one another and the larger world. Specifically, raising $20 million to invest in the six new tennis courts built in the summer of 2018,and the construction, which is now under way on a new four-court field house and The Schiff Center auditorium facility. All buildings will open by the beginning of the 2019-20 school year. By the start of the 2019-20 school year, with the Build.Connect.Inspire. Campaign Phases One and Two completed, our investment of nearly $30 million will have yielded three new buildings, two additional athletic fields and six new tennis courts, a new playground, and numerous renovations.

Phase Three

Phase Three is being identified in our more recent strategic planning process, currently underway.

Click here for detailed information on the buildings made possible by your support of the Build.Connect.Inspire. Campaign.


As we celebrate the success of the Build.Connect.Inspire. Campaign, we gratefully acknowledge the leadership of the Campaign Committee members and the Board of Trustees, the dedication of all campaign volunteers, and the extraordinary generosity of our entire giving community. A heartfelt thank you goes out to every one of you who helped us meet and exceed our goal! We are so lucky to have such a dedicated and supportive community of parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, and friends!


Phase I & Phase II Total Raised: $27,211,282

*This list was compiled on June 30, 2018. If your name has been omitted or misspelled, please accept our apology. We encourage you to bring any errors or omissions to our attention. Please Contact Margo Kirstein at 513-728-2437 or


Nellie Leaman Taft Early Childhood Center Donors

Total Raised: $4,957,192

Sue & Steve Baggott

Shannon (Kelly H’67) & Lee Carter

Sheila & Philip Cohen

Marjorie Wood Drackett H’40

The Thomas J. Emery Memorial

Carolyn & Terry Fox

Christine & Chris Garten

Mark Heiman Family Foundation

The Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Foundation

The Andrew Jergens Foundation

Tara & Tom Kilcoyne

Pat Landen H’50

Marylou & John McIlwraith

Alex & Andrew Quinn

Adele Schiff

Beth & Jim Schiff

Robert & Adele Schiff Family Foundation Inc.

Anne & Jim Shanahan

Nancy & Tom Shepherd

Nancy & John Silverman

Jennifer & John Stein

Sarah & Steiny Steinman

The Louise Taft Semple Foundation

Nellie Leaman Taft H’55*

Anne Drackett Thomas H’66

The Family of Bev Tucker L’52

Welchwood Foundation

Anonymous (1)

Lower Fields Athletic Complex Donors

Total Raised: $1,502,981

Kerrin & Stefan Antonsson

Amy & Joe Callow

Susan & Peter Cha

Carolyn & Mike Collette

Linda & Billy Cyr

Tracy & Dave Davis

Amy & Andrew DeWitt ’89

Kathy & Bill DeWitt Jr.

Marguerite & Karl Gieseke

Margot & Dan Good

Kris & Cal Kalnow

Lisa Lee & Michael Nordlund

Susan & Jeff Robinson ’83

Elizabeth & Patrick Rogers

Adele Schiff

Beth & Jim Schiff

Christine & Charlie Schiff

John J. Schiff III

Robert & Adele Schiff Family Foundation Inc.

Skyler Foundation

Jenny & Tom Williams


*Denotes Deceased

Total Raised: $20,751,109


Julie & Frank Cohen (’91) Family

Marjorie Wood Drackett H’40

Beth & Jim Schiff

Robert & Adele Schiff Family Foundation Inc.

Jennifer & John Stein

Anne Drackett Thomas H’66

Anonymous (1)



Andrew Quinn

Jennifer Stein

Sarah Steinman


Rob Anning ’86

Scott Carroll ’85

Lalitha Chunduri

Abram Gordon

Beth Schiff

Paul Sittenfeld

Anne Drackett Thomas H’66


 Fleming & Dobbs Ackermann           

Beth & Brad Agin      

Martha Allen ’78       

Elisa & Gilbert* Allgaier

Nupur & Manish Anand        

Sydney & Bob Anning           

Dulany & Robert Anning ’86

Robin (Smith H’67) & John Armstrong        

Pakeeza & Ferhan Asghar     

Meg & John Atkinson

Gail Barrows Austin C’59     

Diana Gatch Avril H’47

The Avril Family

Jennifer Habel & Chris Bachelder     

Sue & Steve Baggott  

Gay (Seybolt H’51) & Saint Bain

Karla & Bill Balskus 

Lynette & Jim Barresi

Fran Barrett    

Shelly & Nolan Bean 

Linda & Andy Berger

Jennie (Rosenthal L’75) & Allen Berliant

Betsy Alexander Berry H’57 

Sally Bidlingmeyer ’84         

Helen Chatfield Black H’41*

Steve Black L’60

Chrissie & Josh Blatt 

Ann Bartlett Blemker C’65   

Jane & Bob Bohinski

Mary Ann & John Boorn       

Carol & Steve Boymel           

Stephen Brewster ’80

Kenya Brock ’98       

Nancy & Bruce Brown          

Suzan Strait & Jenifer Brown

Audrey & Stephen Brown     

Barb & Andrew Bryans         

Angela & Kent Buckley         

Melanie Grynsztejn & Ian Buttress

Cathy (Smale H’72) & Robert Caldemeyer   

Karen (Bidlingmeyer ’80) & Paul Callard ’81          

Alison & Bret Caller  

Erin O’Grady & Scott Carroll ’85     

Shannon (Kelly H’67) & Lee Carter

Susan & Peter Cha     

William & Anne Chatfield     

Helen Chatfield H’64

Je & Joseph Choo

Nancy & Jay Clark    

Julie & Frank Cohen (’91) Family

Mandy Hayes ’91 & Jason Cohen ’91

Mary Linn Coldiron   

Lawsie (Pennington C’65) & Michael Coler

Elizabeth & Brian Coley

Rebecca Lindy Coll ’83         

Carolyn & Mike Collette        

Mary Ida (Sloneker ’77) & Marshal Compton          

Tucker (Jones ’79) & Michael Coombe L’72

Dorothy (Kim ’84) & Evan Corbett ’82        

Caroline & Bill Cox  

Katja & Dennis Creech          

Theresa & Randall Curnow   

Angie Apple & Robert Cybulski       

Elizabeth Jones Darley ’80    

Jennifer & Eric Dauer

Marjorie Davis C’65  

Elizabeth & Nick DeBlasio

Anne & Ron DeLyons           

Amy & Andrew DeWitt ’89

Marjorie Wood Drackett H’40

Loi & Andreas Drath 

Julie & Philip Duncan

Clare Dupree ’76       

Nancy Hogan Dutton H’56   

Colleen & George Dwight     

Tara & Jon Eaton       

Kari & David Ellis     

Lisa & Chester Eng   

Bill Fabe L’67

Dana Fabe H’69        

Lissy Fabe H’71        

Meredith (Edwards ’98) & John Ficks ’89    

Nora Zorich & Thomas Filardo         

Marsha & Scott Firestein       

Evelyn & Marc Fisher

Kathleen & Kevin Foster

Carolyn & Terry Fox 

Estate of Margaret Hooker Fraser H’63

Puja & Krishnanath Gaitonde

Molly & Tom Garber ’96      

Wendy Ellis Gardner & Todd Gardner

Christine & Chris Garten       

The Orpha Ann Gatch Foundation

Sudie Ernst Geier H’41

Dee Gettler     

Dee Ann Gilmore

Ben Glassman ’93     

Jan Fullgraf Golann H’67      

Margot & Dan Good

B. (Wiley ’75) & Abram Gordon

Gradison Foundation 

Linda (Heldman H’71) & Gary Greenberg   

Marni & Taylor Greenwald IV          

Brooke & Daniel Guigui       

Amita & Sunny Gupta           

Julie Albright & Brian Haas

Karen & Drew Hagerty          

Veronica McCreary-Hall & Charles Hall      

Lalitha Parameswaran & Param Hariharan

Susan & Jeff Harris   

Lisa Butler & Datha Harrison

Jenny & Ed Hatfield  

The John Hauck Foundation

Ellen Haude ’88         

Rob Heimann 

Grace (Allen ’80) & Brian Hill          

Marilyn Fox Hill H’49

Karen & David Hoguet          

Sherry & Mark Holcomb       

Maureen & Frank Howard

HRD-C Foundation    

Hummingbird Society Foundation

Lara Danziger-Isakov & Ronnen Isakov       

Peggy Shaffer & Ben Jacks   

Betty Freyhof Johnson H’40*

Gigi & Joseph Johnson          

Sarah, Mark, Betsy & Ginger Johnson

Delle Christensen Jones H’67

Sarah & Jim Jurgensen          

Selena Hariharan & James Kalinowski

Jessie Karthik & Karthik Kanagarajan

Mary Sutton & Daniel Kanter

Victoria & Henry Karamanoukian     

Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney & Eric Kearney          

Anna (Binkley ’94) & Lair Kennedy

Ginger & Steve Kent 

Mary Lynne Boorn ’84 & Rick Kieser

Archana & Sashi Kilaru

Elinor (Adick H’58) & Steve Kline   

Kelly & Ken Kocher  

The Kohnen/McNair Families

Jacquie Kovach          

Ami & Samir Kulkarni          

Jutta & Patrick Lafley

Pat Landen H’50

Jane Garvey C’74 & John Lanier

Margaret (Avril ’75) & Jonathan Lawson

Angela & James Lee  

Rae Vuic & Stephen Leeper  

Gina & Michael Leisring       

Cissy & Bob Lenobel 

The Peter F. Levin Philanthropic Fund at InterAct for Change        

David Levy ’99          

Glenna McLain LightC’57

Whitney Rowe Long H’65    

Carolyn (Huwe H’56) & Peter Ludwig         

The H.B., E.W. & F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation

Mary & Larry Lutz    

Olivia & Chris Mann 

Nancy Greiwe & Bill Markovits       

Suzy Marquard H’68 

Mike Marrero

Christa (Parker ’90) & Mark McAndrew       

Megan & Mike McCuen        

Trish & Tim McDonald         

Kyle McLaughlin       

Charlotte McMullan

   -In honor of Audrey and Aaron Howard     

Kevin McNamara       

The Meckel Family

Lois & Cliff Mentrup 

Karen Meyer & Rick Michelman

Robbie & John Michelman    

Ken Mims ’81

Casey & Greg Morris

Kimberly & David Morstadt 

Mitzie & Emerson Moser      

Rachel Warrington Moss ’82

Betsy & Harrison Mullin       

Sybil Behrens Mullin ’83      

Amy & Jaimie Nathan           

Meghan & Andy Nelson

Lisa Lee & Michael Nordlund          

Stephanie Norton       

Radhai Sridharan & Rajan Odayar    

Debbie & Rich Oliver L’61

Libby (Warrington ’78) & Kevin Ott

Mary Ott        

Maria & Jim Papakirk

Tory (Woodhull H’63) & John Parlin III L’54

Elizabeth Dallman & Samir Patel

Reena & Yash Patil    

Jennifer & Jim Pavelka          

Marla & Chris Peltier 

Francie Garber Pepper H’58 

Sandy Stolle Perry C’53        

Alicia & Nate Peterson          

Ellen Monson & Kenneth Petren       

Kay Mitchell Pettengill H’41

Rachel Gustin ’93 & John Piersma

Tasha & Jerry Porter  

Joni & Dick Quimby 

Alex & Andrew Quinn

Halle & Thomas Quinn         

Lisa & John Raimondo          

Sheila & Gary Reich  

Sherri & Ted Remaklus         

Dorothy Rigney

Mona & Tony Rinaldi

Meredith & Giles Roblyer     

Dede Lewis Rowe ’78

Julie & Nathan Rozof

Ellie Fabe ’78 & Frank Russell L’72

Marielle & Tony Samaha       

Jennifer & Len Sauers

Jared & Susan Schaefer         

Adele Schiff   

Beth & Jim Schiff

Robert & Adele Schiff Family Foundation Inc.

Jayna (Schlegel ’90) & Dan Schimberg ’80

Ronna & Ben Schneider        

Greer & John Schneider         

Dotty Shaffer ’83       

Beth & Kevin Shaw   

Caroline Kalnow Shemony ’06         

Nancy & Tom Shepherd

Nancy & John Silverman       

Beth & Joe Sims        

Preeti Ghatora & Rajinder Singh      

Susan Esler & Steve Skibo

Maria Kalomenidou & Yannis Skoufalos

Shelly & Matt Smith  

Erin & Jon Snelting   

Ellen Pease Sole H’70

Leslie & Andy Spooner         

Doreen & Ethan Stanley ’89 

Jennifer & John Stein

Kelli & Richard Stein

Sarah & Steiny Steinman

Meghan & Christopher Stevens         

Karryn Schultz-Stieby & Bill Stieby 

Elizabeth Stoehr ’82  

Mary Reis Sullivan C’59       

Ying Yi & Andrew Sun         

The Louise Taft Semple Foundation

Margot Deupree Taylor H’61

Julie & Hal Theobald 

Anne Drackett Thomas H’66

Ellen Blemker Thomas C’58 

Isabelle & Jarrod Thomas      

Allison & Aaron VanderLaan ’91     

Barbara & Mark VanderLaan

Swapna & Vinod Varma        

Leslie & Stephen Veldhuis    

Federica Pompei & Marco Volpi      

Julianne Richardson Wagner ’88      

Kejian Zhang & Zhaohui Wang        

Drew Gores L’66 H’72 & George Warrington

Liza Martindale Weiner ’99  

Welchwood Foundation

Britty & Brian Wiles  

Karen & Fritz Wilger ’83      

Judy (Robinson H’67) & Joe Williams          

Laura Welles Wilson ’84       

Jodi Schmidtgoesling & Jay Woffington       

Estate of Rosamond Reed Wulsin C’38 & Dr. John H. Wulsin

Margaret (Hogan H’60) & Jack Wyant         

Marcy Wydman ’76   

Mary Beth & Craig Young    

Laurence Deprez & Stefano Zenezini

Anonymous (8)

*Denotes Deceased