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Haitian Music to be Featured in Spring Concert

The warmth of the Caribbean will greet the audience of Seven Hills’ upcoming spring choral concert. After feeling moved to share the music of Haiti this spring, fine and performing arts department chair Tina Kuhlman asked her student musicians to study the history and culture of Haiti, including the country’s most recent and deadly earthquake in 2010. Kuhlman said the chorus will sing four songs that reflect four elements of Haitian culture—religion, grief, joy, and sadness from the loss of culture through assimilation. “These songs put together a really nice picture of Haiti and the culture itself,” said Kuhlman, whose chorus has showcased Haitian music in the past. “I don’t want the students to just sing the music, to say it’s a fun song and it has drums,” said Kuhlman. “I want them to understand the roots of the music, the background, the culture, the language. We are connecting to the music in an authentic way and understanding what drives the music and what drives the culture and we will let the performance come from there.” Click here to listen to the men’s chorus practice a Haitian song.