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French Class, French Art

Upper School French teacher Madame Wynne Curry and her French students recently spent an afternoon at Cincinnati Art Museum to take in the striking exhibit, Paris 1900: City of Entertainment. “The students were enthusiastic and engaged,” said Curry “They loved a number of the works, including decorative art pieces of the Art Nouveau style, the cabaret posters from the Moulin Rouge, and the Cupid and Psyche sculpture by Rodin. We all loved some of the larger paintings, especially the piece of the Eiffel Tower by Alexandre-George Roux. They loved the entire show. Afterwards, we went to Taste of Belgium where they devoured waffles topped with chicken smothered in hot sauce.” Curry also said the Upper School French Club is busy planning some fundraising events to benefit the reconstruction efforts for Notre Dame in Paris, so far including a planned bake sale on April 26, and later a coffee and croissant sale.