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Fourth Grade Studies Chemical Reaction

Fourth-graders in Dana Pease’s science class are learning what happens when chemicals come together! As part of their study of chemical reactions, students went to Doherty’s science lab to answer the age-old question, “What happens to beans when you put them in baking soda, water, and vinegar?” Students put it to the test, first brainstorming hypotheses about what they expected would happen to beans dropped in the vinegar when baking soda was added. Students had already tested the reaction of combining vinegar and baking soda, which creates carbon dioxide and plenty of fizzing bubbles. “What they learned from this experiment is that the carbon dioxide gas bubbles attach to the beans causing them to rise to the surface where the gas is released into the air,” Pease said.  “Without the CO2 bubbles, the beans then drop again to the bottom, as their density is greater than the liquid solution. The process repeats over and over resulting in beans that go up and down in the beaker.”