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Fourth- and Fifth-graders Create Persuasive Arguments for Class Pet

New Lotspeich science teacher Kate LaBare is in search of a class pet for the Leyman Science Building, and she asked the fourth- and fifth-graders for help! Students recently conducted an in-depth inquiry to help determine which type of animal is a good fit for the classroom. Students researched the needs, personality, and care of potential animals. They were given guiding questions, such as “What needs to be considered to keep kids safe from the animal?” and “What needs to be considered to keep the animal safe from kids?,” as well as “Would this animal be living its life at Lotspeich?  Why or why not?” to conduct their research. Students were also asked how the animal could be tied to curriculum topics to be a teaching resource. The unit will culminate with a video conference with an animal care specialist at the Cincinnati Zoo, who will help students consider care and quality of life concerns. LaBare said the project creates ownership for students. It also serves as a way for her to get to know the students, including how they work together, their comfort level with technology and research, and their interests.