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First-graders Enjoy a Presentation from Fab Ferments

First-graders recently studied microbes in Kate LaBare’s science class, conducting a variety of experiments for an in-depth exploration. “Together, we have explored handwashing with a black light experiment showing how effective hand-washing is, shaking hands with glittery palms to show how germs can spread, and cultured a cut apple by rubbing samples in several classroom locations to see what grew,” LaBare said. In early January, Jordan Aversman and Jennifer De Marco, owners of local fermented food and kombucha company Fab Ferments, spoke to first-graders about good microbes, fermentation, and healthy guts. “Students were able to sample sauerkraut, beet kvass, and yogurt—all fermented foods filled with beneficial microbes!” LaBare said. “This will lead us into exploring how different colors of fruits and vegetables provide us with different nutrients, making our seed wish lists for the spring plant sale, and starting to plant seeds. Even though it is January, we are already preparing for the upcoming growing season.”