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First-graders Design New Ways to Snack Healthily

As part of their yearlong study of nutrition and plants, first-graders in Laura OGrady’s Project Math class took part in the challenge to design a way for fifth-graders to eat healthier snacks. “First-graders started the investigation by interviewing their fifth-grade buddies to learn about their interests and snacking habits,” OGrady said. “Then, first-graders used this information and the human-centered design approach to create a solution to help a peer eat healthier snacks.” Students came up with a variety of solutions. For a fifth-grade buddy who liked making videos, a student came up with a camera-equipped drone to deliver fruits and veggies and take a video while the student eats. Another student thought a robotic cat that delivers healthy snacks, as well cat treats for a feline friend, would be a great solution for a fifth-grader who likes cats. The first-graders presented their designs to the fifth-graders, who provided feedback. The first-graders then used the feedback to modify their designs.