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First-graders Collect Postcards from Around the World

Throughout the year, first-graders in Aimee Burton and Marilyn Braun’s classes collect postcards from around the United States and the world. “Our goal is to collect a postcard from all 50 states and all seven continents,” Burton said. The project is part of first grade’s ongoing study of geography. Through collecting postcards, students learn interesting facts about the United States and the world. “We always learn something new from the postcards,” Braun said. Students were even able to get a postcard from Antarctica—one of the hardest postcards to find. A parent told Burton and Braun about a website called that helped teachers and students send postcards to a scientist in Antarctica. Students decorated their postcards with penguins and sent them to the scientist, who sent them back with an Antarctica postmark. Braun said students prepared their postcards by studying penguins and checking out books from the library.

If you are visiting another state, country, or continent, why not send a postcard to our fist-grade friends?

Address them to:

Ms. Burton’s First Grade or Mrs. Braun’s First Grade

The Seven Hills School

5400 Red Bank Road

Cincinnati, OH 45227