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Fifth-graders “Smash Doodle” in Spanish

Lotspeich Spanish teacher Megan Hayes brings the language to life for pre-kindergarteners through fifth-graders in myriad ways. In a recent lesson with fifth-graders, students completed a Smash Doodle using a story told in Spanish. Hayes first tells the story using Story Listening. During a Story Listening lesson, as Hayes tells the story to the class in Spanish, she draws scenes on the board and writes corresponding words and phrases. Next, Hayes reads the story to students. Finally, students create their Smash Doodles. They independently read the story printed on a page and illustrate what they comprehend in any way they choose. A Smash Doodle is a culmination activity of learning the story. “The Smash Doodle is a fun way for students to show what they know and understand,” Hayes said.