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Eighth-graders Bond on Annual Adventure Trek

Eighth-graders and faculty recently traveled to Pisgah National Forest and Blue Ridge Mountains for the annual Adventure Trek trip. Students hiked, camped, and enjoyed bonding in the outdoors for several days in early September. Head of Middle School Bill Waskowitz said the experience allows teachers to “do school” in a different, intentional manner. “Focusing exclusively on the exposure to and development of non-cognitive skills (e.g. critical thinking, problem solving, social skills, persistence, creativity, self-control, etc.) in a setting that is both beautiful and outside our classroom walls, allows us to approach real-world learning at this important stage in a Middle Schooler’s life,” Waskowitz said. “Striving to push them into zones that challenge them, our students were able to push their own comfort levels in ways that will benefit them, both now and in the years to come. It is this type of learning that continues to define and distinguish our Middle School as a community of learners who understand the importance of cooperation, collaboration, and compassion.”

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