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Doherty Launches “The Great Kindness Challenge”

Doherty students have recently taken on a challenge of beneficent proportions. In early April, Head of Doherty Tracy Murch and Assistant Head of Doherty Tracy Hickenlooper unveiled the Great Kindness Challenge, an ongoing initiative to reinforce acts of kindness within the students’ days. “We talked about the difference between being nice and being kind, and how kindness is more than just ‘being nice,’” said Hickenlooper. “Kindness requires practice, a mastery of essential life skills such as active listening, expressing gratitude, and self-regulation of big emotions.” To reinforce the lesson, Hickenlooper said students will participate in more assemblies, participate in role-plays, and discuss and participate in kindness activities that develop positive mindsets, strengthen peer relationships, and foster empathy.