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Nature Exploring in Kindergarten

Our kindergartners on the Doherty Campus recently delved into a hands-on study of nature and gardening. Armed with their nature backpacks, they were busy looking for what warmer weather brings. Students found grubs and pill bugs by stripping the bark from a log on the early childhood playground. After the students explored, they headed over to a planting station with teachers Lindsay Pietroski and Cyndi Kenyon, where they planted grass seed and journaled about their experience. Pietroski said the lesson encompasses many areas of study. “We have been learning about plants, such as what they need, parts of plants, and the life cycle of a plant,” said Pietroski. The students placed soil and grass seed in nylon and a clear cup, each creating their own Grass Guy. This process will allow the students to observe as the grass grows up and the roots grow down.” Pietroski said students will continue to care for their grass by observing, watering, measuring, trimming the blades, and journaling about the lesson.