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Doherty and Lotspeich Fifth-graders Attend Kindness Retreat

Seven Hills teamed up with Youth Frontiers in late February to host the Kindness Retreat, a special daylong retreat forfifth-graders on the Hillsdale and Doherty campuses. Students participated in this character-building retreat, which inspires them to live out the values of kindness, courage, respect, and leadership in their personal and school lives.“The kindness retreat is an impactful day full of high energy collaborative group activities and poignant discussion about being inclusive and accepting of others,” said Lotspeich school counselor Seraphine Schomber. “It gives the fifth-grade students time to reflect on how they treat each other and what opportunities they have to impact their school community in a positive way. Youth Frontiers does a wonderful job organizing and leading this day and it is certainly one that leaves a lasting impression on students from Doherty and Lotspeich alike.”