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Directing Students Produce 10-minute Plays

Lighting. Costuming. Script edits. The actors. In any production, from the stage to the screen, directors have a hand in making these and many more key choices to bring a script to life. Stephanie Park’s directing students learned how to make these decisions and put their skills to the test with the production of 10-minute plays. Senior Kay Kemp and juniors Corinne Smith and Rachel Michelman handled all aspects of the play, from reworking the script to promotion to staging. “They do everything,” Park said. “They are in absolute control.” The students made many creative choices and went above and beyond. Rachel even created a promotional video to spread the word about her production of The Goon. Park said students had to troubleshoot and be prepared, and if something went wrong, like a canceled rehearsal, they had to learn how to adjust. Smith, who produced the play Prom Ninja, said the main challenge for her was keeping track of all the moving parts of play production. Overall, though, she said the class has been the “best experience.” “We have a lot of fun with it,” she said. “It’s been so helpful. It’s taught me a lot about leading.” Kemp, director of Triangle agreed, saying that although it’s been “moderately difficult to make decisions,” the class has been fun. In addition to Park, students have had support from theater tech teacher Trey Tatum, senior Robert Hill-Guarino, and freshman Elyse Stieby.