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Design Thinking Class Participates in Teambuilding Exercises

In Karen Glum’s Design Thinking class, teamwork is key. Seventh-graders recently participated in fun teambuilding exercises. In one exercise, students built a pyramid with cups, using a rubber band and string to move the cups. In another, students formed a circle and joined hands in different directions, twisting themselves into a giant knot. Students had 10 minutes to unknot themselves, while still holding hands, and become a circle again. After the activity, Glum and the students discussed why they did the exercise and the importance of teamwork. “What kind of things made the teamwork easier, or facilitated it?” Glum asked the students. They answered with ideas like communication, speaking and listening, contributing, and patience. Glum said when working on a team, everybody’s role is to not only share ideas, but help others bring their ideas out. “You get all the best ideas that way,” she said.