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Defamation Experience Enlightens Upper School

The Upper School recently came together for a daylong intensive, The Defamation Experience, which included a thoughtful mix of small-group advisory discussions, an interactive play that explored issues of race, class, and gender in American life, and honest conversations among students, faculty, and administration. The event was initiated by Head of School Chris Garten and carried out by Head of Upper School Matt Bolton, as well as English teachers Nate Gleiner and Marielle Newton. “This daylong event allowed students, faculty, and administration to have honest, self-examining conversations that fostered civic engagement in students and provided an opportunity for studying some of the most pressing challenges of our time,” said Bolton. “After the interactive play, the actors told me that our students were more engaged and thoughtful than most of the college audiences they perform for. It is a great testament to all of the work of our teachers and student community.”