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Lotspeich Closing Exercises

Fifth-graders bade farewell to Lotspeich during the 100th Closing Exercises, held in Founders Hall. Fifth-graders entered the space to the sounds of handbell music, played by fourth-graders and directed by music teacher Robin Wilson, as friends and family watched. Students took their seats on the stage and Head of Lotspeich Carolyn Fox gave the opening remarks. She talked about the achievements of students and faculty throughout the year, and said goodbye to retiring teachers Lynn Niehaus, Theresa Cohen, and After the Bell and summer program co-director Linda Clark, as well as administrative assistant Amy Francis, who is leaving Seven Hills to work as a sous chef. Fox also thanked the Parents Association for everything they did during the school year. Fox touched on the many strengths of the fifth-grade class, including their respect and the care they exhibited for their first-grade buddies. “This fifth grade is truly an extraordinary group,” she said. The first- and fifth-graders sang the “Buddy Song,” a tradition at Lotspeich, before fifth-grade teachers Karla Balskus and Phoebe Dierkers shared special remarks about each and every fifth-grader on the stage. Head of School Chris Garten gave the closing remarks. He said the day is a chance for reflection. “It’s a great pleasure to remind ourselves how far our students have come,” Garten said. He told fifth-graders they set an example of inclusiveness, respect and affection for their younger peers. “You’ve had a great impact on the school,” Garten said. “Thank you for your efforts.” Fox took to the podium one more time to remind students that although Middle School awaited them in the fall, “you will remain in our hearts, no matter how big or how old you will get.”

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