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Clean Water Study

As part of their studies on pioneer life, Doherty students are learning about water filtration in their global discoveries unit. Unit II Teacher Joan Claybourn asked the students to consider how they could obtain fresh drinking water in the mid 1800s. The Unit II students worked together to create a filter to clean the water. “They were given items such as coal, cotton, gravel, sand, and nylon to make different filters,” said Claybourn. “They had to decide what items they thought would clean the water the best and in which order they should use them when creating the filter.” Claybourn said the students drank the water in the end, thanks to P&G’s water filtration packets. The guided lesson allowed students to work collaboratively on a trial-and-error basis as they determined which materials filtered grass and other debris out of the water best. The students also discussed the importance of having access to clean water, and observed and drew conclusions based on their experiences.