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Boundless Learning with May Term

Upper School students delved into May Term—an academic model many innovative educators are calling the future of learning. During the last week of school, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors participated in four-day seminars that ranged from exploring careers in medicine to furniture making, to city tours, to taking a dive into the social justice system, baking, basic home construction, and lifehacking, to name a few. The courses, designed by Seven Hills teachers, allow students to learn while partnering with a host of important local institutions, such as FC Cincinnati, Children’s Hospital, and the Contemporary Arts Center. Head of Seven Hills Upper School Matt Bolton calls the program, “profoundly important.” “The May Term is a good example of the direction in which we think education is really heading,” said Bolton. “It’s interdisciplinary, involving students in projects and fields that require many different skills and perspectives. The seminars are team-taught, so students see firsthand how adults collaborate on projects. And the seminars immerse students in important issues and institutions beyond our own campuses.” Experiential Learning Director Nick Francis said May Term was fueled by the inspired energy from students and faculty alike. “I have seen so many great activities, projects, and field trips during the May Term week,” said Francis. “And so many engaged, busy, and happy kids. It’s amazing what our faculty has put together.”