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Be the Bee Takes Doherty by Swarm

Paper bees are swarming the halls on the Doherty Campus, illustrating students’ daily show of kindness and character. During Doherty’s first convocation, the “Be the Bee” initiative began with one small paper bee that was added to the wall in Haile Hall. Since then, several paper bees have been awarded to dozens of students, who then take the bees to the main office. The bees are then posted on the wall. The object of the initiative is to paper all walls on the Doherty Campus with a connecting line of bees! The paper bees are given to students who exemplify Seven Hills character traits, such as respect, kindness, caring, and fairness, and many more. Pre-kindergarten teacher Ginger Rubin said her students showed such kindness and respect one early January day, she gave each of her students a paper bee , which was taken to the main office. Rubin said Be the Bee is a wonderful way to teach younger and older Doherty students the importance of character and community.