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Bat Unit Flies Into Kindergarten

Kindergarteners in the Early Childhood Center began their study of bats in early October. The lesson kicked off with some very special guests — Kathy Edelen, from the organization EchoBats, and two bats! To prepare for her visit, students read a story about bats and shared what they already knew about the mammal. Edelen has worked with bats for 20 years. She told students that bats live across the globe and have been around for 50 million years! She talked about the smallest bat, which weighs as much as a penny, and the largest bat, which has a wingspan of six feet! Edelen brought out the bats to demonstrate how they echolocate. When they echolocate, bats emit a call and and listen to the echoes that are returned by objects near them. Kindergarteners were very excited about the lesson and had lots of questions!