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Coed Track and Field


Our Philosophy

Aligned with Seven Hills’ full-participation athletics philosophy, our coed track and field program welcomes any athlete who wishes to play the sport. Our coaches are deeply committed to help each student athlete achieve their athletic goals and reach their fullest potential.

Seven Hills’ track and field team has been coached for more than 34 years by head coach Tana Luckie. Luckie pushes her athletes to take on new roles and be great team players.

Older athletes become mentors to underclassmen, setting an example of what a team is supposed to be. Each athlete on the track and field team is bolstered by their teammates.


Coach’s Profile

Tana Luckie

Varsity Track and Field Head Coach
Year Started: 1983


Every season, the Seven Hills track and field team and athletes set out to be better on the last day of practice then they were on the first. I want each athlete to love the sport of running, and I encourage everyone to participate in both track and field and cross country at Seven Hills. It is my goal to train my athletes to not be only runners, throwers, or jumpers, but also well-rounded athletes who can participate and experience success in a variety of activities. As a coach, I am proud to see the environment our older athletes create, which greatly contributes to the continuing success of our programs. As dedicated teammates, our athletes support, encourage, and push each other in every practice and in every race in which they compete.  


Each athlete has a different motivation for joining the team. Along with this comes different skill sets, different skill levels, and different expectations of success. Many have experienced success in other areas (academics, the arts, other sports) which they bring to track and cross country. This set of wide-ranging perspectives enriches the experience of each athlete and of the team as a whole.