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Our Philosophy 

If our athletic teams are the muscle of the Seven Hills athletic program, the cheer squads are its heart. Our cheer squads infuse athletic events with school pride and exuberance, and play an important role in athletic competitions. Each squad boosts school spirit with the school’s signature cheers, promotes good sportsmanship on and off the field of play, and encourages enthusiastic crowd participation. As ambassadors of the school, Seven Hills cheerleaders hold their heads high and always conduct themselves with distinction.

Aligned with Seven Hills’ full-participation athletics philosophy, our cheerleading program welcomes any athlete who wishes to participate and make a commitment to the team. We recognize the tremendous value that comes from a love of cheering and the relationships students establish as members of the squad, and we strive to create an environment where the team and individuals flourish. 

Stinger … Rumble!

Coach’s Profile

Jennifer Licata
Jennifer Licata

Jennifer Licata

Cheerleading Head Coach
Year Started: 1996


The cheerleading program at Seven Hills is designed to promote and support spirit and sportsmanship at basketball games, for both boys and girls. The cheerleaders serve as ambassadors of the school at away games. Cheerleaders are expected to learn the material, and to condition and practice outside of scheduled practices to improve skills and strength. Each cheerleader is expected to show improvement as the season progresses. An important aspect of cheerleading is to function as one unit, with each motion of each cheer or dance placed at the exact same time and location. In this sense, teamwork is extremely important. My hope for those who go through our cheerleading program is that they will develop good work habits and time management skills, a strong sense of school spirit and good sportsmanship, and memories that will last a lifetime. 


Seven Hills is like family for me. As a teacher, adviser, coach, and parent, I have interacted with so many families in a variety of ways and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the members of this community. I love that my athletes are the perfect example of people who exemplify the school’s mission and values. They work hard both in and out of the classroom and they always demonstrate good sportsmanship.