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Boys Tennis

Our Philosophy

In tennis, wins and titles matter, but what also defines a season’s success is the building of a cohesive team through leadership and mentorship.

As students move from the Middle School tennis program to Upper School, they continuously develop their skills and prepare to play at a junior varsity and varsity level. This unified transition has garnered the tennis team nearly three decades of winning seasons in a row and a spot in Ohio’s top 10 almost every year.

Aligned with Seven Hills’ full-participation athletics philosophy, our tennis program welcomes any athlete who wishes to play the sport. The Seven Hills tennis program is strongly committed to help each student athlete achieve his athletic goals and reach his fullest potential.


CoAch’s profile

Tim Drew
Tim Drew

Tim Drew

Varsity tennis boys head coach
Year Started: 1987



As a coach, I try to foster those characteristics that the school embraces and a successful program demands. I believe that student athletes must learn to balance all aspects of their busy lives. A student athlete must juggle rigorous academics, a respectful social life, and a loyal family life; all while playing tennis. We use tennis as a tool to help students navigate life and discover their potential while building self-esteem, on and off the court. Each practice is geared toward finding the balance to improve technique, physical fitness, and strong mental decisions. Each player, regardless of talent level, is given the opportunity to use his voice on the team and is expected to support his teammates in a positive manner. Leadership is a large component to the four-year development of a Seven Hills tennis player.


The Seven Hills community has been a part of my family for over thirty years. I love that I see the same qualities in my athletes every year. Seven Hills athletes are competitive, and they play with high energy. They recognize the importance of each player which leads to a cohesive team environment. And the athletes always show unparalleled sportsmanship.