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Boys Soccer

Our Philosophy

We consider participation in high school athletics to be a privilege. We expect our athletes to represent Seven Hills as model citizens. We recognize that the important values learned at each practice and game—resilience, leadership, tenacity, sacrifice, time management— remain with our athletes throughout their lifetimes.

Seven Hills soccer players have a respect and love of the game. They give their all on the field and support their teammates during practices, games, and everything in between. Under the guidance of talented, committed coaches, student athletes accomplish uncharted achievements and reach new heights.

Our boys soccer team learns important life lessons that remain with them throughout their lifetime. Aligned with Seven Hills’ full-participation athletics philosophy, our soccer program welcomes any athlete who wishes to play the sport.



Coach’s Profile

Nick Francis
Nick Francis

Nick Francis

Boys Varsity Soccer Head Coach
Year Started: 1999


During practice, I ask players to balance their focus both on improving skills and strategy with preparing for the next game, the next team. I place an emphasis on all aspects of performance, making sure our athletes improve physically, technically, and mentally. To complement practical time on the field, our team participates in “chalk talks” off the field to review recent games or practices and to plan for the next match. The soccer program at Seven Hills welcome anyone who wants to compete. And so, I coach each individual athlete according to his particular set of strengths. With more than twenty-five years of coaching experience, I try to do everything I can to help my team succeed. It is always rewarding to see my players’ progression from their freshman to senior years. Our upperclassmen are a big part of this path of player progress. They notice and support the strengths in the underclassman, and are dedicated to their development for the betterment of the program.   


Our student athletes are hard working, intelligent, and competitive but do not compromise our Seven Hills philosophies in order to win more matches. We play with high energy, are committed, and stay focused while still enjoying our sport.