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Boys Lacrosse

Our Philosophy

The boys lacrosse team has been described as having “a total family dynamic and brotherhood” by coach Nick Greiwe. At Seven Hills, athletes equate team success to long-term success. Our lacrosse players work together to play their best, whether it’s at a practice or in the final game of the season.

Seven Hills’ boys lacrosse also measures success by the quality of young men who graduate from our program. Our coaches know they’ve been successful when our athletes have taken the lessons they learned from the Seven Hills athletics program and integrated those lessons into the rest of their lives.

Aligned with Seven Hills’ full-participation athletics philosophy, our lacrosse program welcomes any athlete who wishes to play the sport. The Seven Hills boys lacrosse program is deeply committed to help each student athlete achieve his athletic goals and reach his fullest potential.



Coach’s Profile

Nick Greiwe

Varsity Boys Lacrosse Head Coach
Year Started: 2012


As the lacrosse coach at Seven Hills, my philosophy is all about how your team becomes your family. Over my many years of coaching, I have been fortunate to work alongside both my actual biological brothers, as well as other men who became like brothers to me. My athletes understand that a single player’s success does not lead to a team’s success. As a player, you need to be able to count on the guy next to you to not only have your back, but to have your back no matter what. The game of lacrosse itself is a metaphor for life. On our team, we don’t watch the record books, we don’t care about seeding, and we don’t care about the scoreboard. We know that, if we get better each day, as individuals and as a team, then all the aforementioned will take care of themselves.


Our athletes are able to set their personal ambitions aside for the good of the guy next to them and the good of the group. Having coached for club teams in the past, it’s a true pleasure to coach Seven Hills athletes. They understand, at a young age, that the bonds they form are for life. They are willing to push themselves each day, and they realize that the lessons they learn from lacrosse will help shape them into a better person, and will benefit them across every spectrum of their lives. It is a true honor and privilege to lead Seven Hills athletes.