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Boys Basketball

Our Philosophy

We consider participation in high school athletics to be a privilege. We expect our athletes to represent Seven Hills as model citizens. We recognize that the important life lessons learned on the court each day—resilience, leadership, tenacity, sacrifice, time management— remain with our athletes throughout their lifetimes. 

Our coaches view themselves as teachers and mentors. They place particular emphasis on helping their athletes develop and hone the fundamental skills of the game. Our athletes learn invaluable lessons in hard work, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Our coaches cultivate a challenging, competitive environment, placing focus on respect, personal integrity, and character development.

Aligned with Seven Hills’ full-participation athletics philosophy, our basketball program welcomes any athlete who wishes to play the sport. The Seven Hills basketball program is deeply committed to help each student athlete achieve his athletic goals and reach his fullest potential.




Coach’s Profile

Willie Hill
Willie Hill

Willie Hill

Varsity Boys Basketball Head Coach
Year Started: 2002


My Coaching Philosophy

As a coach, I ask all my players to come with the mindset of simply wanting to get better as a basketball player. We meet athletes where they are in terms of their skill level and ask them to improve from there. My primary objective is to create a culture in which each student athlete embraces his responsibility to work hard, for himself and for the team. I believe that a player’s path to improvement starts by competing with himself to improve, then to compete with his teammates to improve the team, and, finally, join his teammates to compete together against team opponents. In this way, players improve themselves, help their teammates, and work together to strengthen the team. Our teamwork ethic calls for athletes to practice and compete using hard work, focus, commitment, and sportsmanship. We want to continue to teach life lessons through basketball.

What I like best about coaching at Seven Hills

I appreciate Seven Hills athletes. Their ability to maintain the high academic standards of the classroom and at the same time compete at a high level takes discipline, effort, and focus. They allow themselves to be coached and learn to appreciate the camaraderie athletics brings. They have a hard-working mentality and always demonstrate good sportsmanship, both on and off the court.