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Our Philosophy

We consider participation in high school athletics to be a privilege. We expect our athletes to represent Seven Hills as model citizens. We recognize that the important values learned at each practice and game—resilience, leadership, tenacity, sacrifice, time management— remain with our athletes throughout their lifetimes.

The baseball program is strongly committed to help each student athlete achieve his athletic goals and reach his fullest potential. Coaches place particular emphasis on helping their athletes develop and hone the fundamental skills of the game. Our coaches cultivate a challenging, competitive environment, placing focus on respect, personal integrity, and character development.

Student athletes are backed by their teammates and coaches on and off the field. At Seven Hills, success is measured in more than runs scored, it’s measured in strength of character.


Coach’s Profile


Varsity Boys Baseball Head Coach
Year Started: 2015


Whether during our regular-season, pre-season, or off-season practices, I emphasize that we need to be prepared for as many situations as a game can throw at us. I tell my players that, while our physical strength and stature are, for the most part, set, excellent training ensures we will not be limited by knowledge and preparedness. For that reason, we practice nearly every situation that can arise in a game, no matter how rare the occurrence may be. We strive to put ourselves in the best possible position to achieve success in as many game-time situations as possible.

I emphasize to all my student athletes that they must learn to balance academics and athletics, and that they are expected to manage their time in order to be well prepared for both endeavors.


The best attributes about coaching at Seven Hills are all the people involved with the athletic program. From the athletic department staff to the coaches to the student athletes, each are dedicated, quality individuals. Each person involved strives to do their part for the eventual success of the team. Each person plays his or her role, and each strives to provide a positive, lasting, experience for teammates, coaches, and the team as a whole.