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Girls Basketball

Our Philosophy

The cornerstone of the girls basketball program is character development and skill building. Under the guiding hand of their coaches, who also serve as teachers and mentors, players are encouraged to become their best through challenging practices and competitive games and tournaments. As the season progresses, individual players come together to form a united band of loyal teammates. Together, the athletes and coaches work to build a team of hardworking, committed players who help each other be their very best.

We recognize that the important life lessons learned on the court each day—resilience, leadership, tenacity, sacrifice, time management—remain with our athletes throughout their lifetimes. Students are also instilled with a new sense of completion that will serve them well as they move through Middle School and into the Upper School.

Aligned with Seven Hills’ full-participation athletics philosophy, our basketball program welcomes any athlete who wishes to play the sport, and is committed to helping each student athlete achieve her athletic goals and reach her fullest potential.


Roger Schnirring
Roger Schnirring



Director of Middle School Athletics