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Financial Aid FAQs

Our rule of thumb when parents ask if they’re eligible for financial aid is “when in doubt, apply”. We strive to make the Seven Hills opportunity available to each best-fit family that steps through our door, and currently extend financial aid to over 35% of our families.



Many financial aid awards are less than or equal to 50% of the annual tuition, but this varies based on the entering grade level, space availability, number of applicants, and the availability of budgeted funds. Pre-kindergarten awards (available for full day only) typically do not exceed 25% of the annual tuition.Financial aid is not available for the pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds program.

Yes. In addition to offering the option to make payment in full up front, we also offer two Tuition Payment Plans.

Tuition Payment Plan A:
Tuition is billed in two installments, one in July and one in December, with payments due by July 31 and Dec. 31.

Tuition Payment Plan B:
Tuition is billed in 10 equal installments, July through April. There is a one-time annual service charge of $125.00 per child, per all day tuition, or $70 per child, per half day tuition.

Any student who is applying to The Seven Hills School for prekindergarten through 12th grade.  Financial aid is not offered for the pre-kindergarten for two-year-olds. For the 2018-19 academic year, Seven Hills awarded over  $4 million dollars in the form of either need-based or merit based tuition assistance to 35% of our student body.

Families interested in applying for assistance may begin the financial assistance application process on Oct. 2. The financial assistance application is separate from the admission application, but should be completed concurrently. Families who complete the financial assistance process by the necessary deadline will receive notification of an award with the letter of acceptance. 

While Seven Hills has a generous financial assistance budget, it is not unlimited. For that reason, it is important that families follow the published financial assistance application timeline. For questions regarding the tuition assistance process, please contact us at or 513.724.2400. 

For students whose parents are divorced, separated, or were never married, The Seven Hills School requires that natural or adoptive parents, in addition to spouses or live-in partners, complete a separate SSS application for each household and submit all required forms. All financial information is kept strictly confidential and at no time will one party have access to the others’ information.

Seven Hills will consider the obligation of the custodial parent to his or her new family and the obligation the stepparent has to his or her natural children. Consideration of the non-custodial natural parent will be based upon the belief that a family’s contribution for education is a reflection of “the ability to contribute, not the willingness to contribute,” which is NAIS/SSS policy. As a result, Seven Hills is not bound by existing decrees, agreements, arrangements exempting a parent from financial responsibility. If a parent is no longer involved in the life of the child in any way, please speak directly with the Director of Financial Aid at Seven Hills. For more information regarding Seven Hills’ Financial Aid Policy, please call 513,728.2400. Seven Hills awards a single grant to the student; it is the responsibility of the parents to determine a payment schedule.

Financial aid grants are applied to the tuition schedule, as printed in the enrollment contract. You may incur additional costs, such as Tuition Refund Insurance, which is dependent upon the payment plan option you select. Financial aid does not cover after school care or lunch room fees.

Last year, Seven Hills awarded more than $4 million in the form of both need-based and merit-based tuition assistance to 35% of our student body.

Please click here for information about need-based financial aid. 

The SSS Business/Farm Statement must be completed for all business and farm owners, including partnerships, S-Corps, and LLCs. Additional information may include, but is not limited to the SSS Business/Farm statement, business tax returns, K-1’s, cash flow statements, Form 1065 (Partnership Return), Form 1120S (Subchapter S-Corporation Return), and Military Leave and Earnings Statement.

The filing deadlines are extremely important. In order to make fair, informed, and expeditious decisions for all families it is very important to adhere to the established deadlines. However, when a family is unable to obtain all necessary tax information by the financial assistance deadlines, best estimates may be used. However, all awards are subject to verification of the official Form 1040 information. Families who submit late applications for assistance may receive reduced awards, reflecting the remaining budget at the time.

No. Families apply for admission and financial assistance concurrently, but they are separate processes. Financial assistance applications are kept strictly confidential and do not influence admissions decisions. Financial information is viewed only by the Financial Aid Committee, and awards are only seen by the Committee, the Admission Office Administrative Assistant, and the Business Office.  All financial assistance decisions are considered to be confidential agreements between The Seven Hills School and the recipient family, and are treated accordingly. 

Current families who are receiving need-based financial aid may expect to receive a similar grant each year if the financial analysis from SSS, income, and assets remain the same. However, every family must reapply for financial assistance each year and meet all stated deadlines. If the current financial picture for the family changes, the aid award may be adjusted. It is important to request a family copy of the SSS report each year to ascertain your eligibility for assistance. Families who file late applications may expect that the awards will be adjusted to reflect the remaining financial aid budget.

The Financial Aid Committee uses the SSS methodology to determine what a family might reasonably expect to contribute toward educational expenses. The total amount of available funds from a family for education costs is divided among all the children attending tuition-charging schools through the undergraduate degree level. It is Seven Hills’ policy that a family requesting aid from Seven Hills will also apply for aid at all other tuition charging schools. 

Follow the SSS instructions regarding the tax year. If necessary, use a pay stub from late in the current year to estimate your annual income for the next year. The Seven Hills School requires that new Financial Aid applicants submit complete IRS taxes to the school (including all schedules and attachments) from their most recent tax filing. When financial aid information is submitted prior to Jan. 1, all financial information for the previous tax year should be estimated to the best of your ability (e.g. use a pay stub from December to estimate the year’s earnings).

The majority of Seven Hills’ financial aid awards are based solely on a family’s demonstrated financial need. In addition, a limited number of new students entering grades 1-12 will be eligible for merit scholarships through the Scholar Award Program, based on the strength of their academic record, personal qualities, and anticipated future contributions to The Seven Hills School.

Yes. Each year Seven Hills makes grants of all amounts. We recognize that every family situation is different and that even a small amount of assistance may make a critical difference for many families.

All financial assistance information will be treated as highly confidential. Only the Financial Assistance Committee will see this information, and only the Committee, Admission Office Assistant, and Business Office will see the award. Division heads and faculty members are not privy to any financial materials, nor are they aware of which families apply for financial assistance.

Seven Hills realizes that some families experience unexpected temporary financial stresses due to the sudden loss of a job, family illness, or other circumstances. Families are strongly encouraged to contact the Business Office or Admission Office as soon as it becomes apparent that there is a change in circumstance. The Business Office is happy to work with families to develop a temporary payment plan during a time of difficulty. 

Robert Horne, Director of Finance and Operations  513-728-2384

Janet Hill, Director of Enrollment Management 513-728-2405

No. Financial aid awards are not loans and need not be repaid. Families must keep their student billing account current in order for their child to continue to receive tuition assistance. 

Families will be asked to donate to the Annual Fund as it is a vital link to the overall health of the school. Also, when the school applies for grants, foundations look at parent participation in support of the school. Every gift to the Annual Fund, regardless of size, matters. A family’s participation is the key. For those with special talents and time, Seven Hills is always seeking volunteers to assist with the Parents Association.