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Actors from August Wilson Play Workshop with Upper Students

Cincinnati Shakespeare actors from August Wilson’s “Fences” recently workshopped with Upper English students. “Fences” is one of Wilson’s 10 plays in a series called The Pittsburgh Cycle, which charts the African-American experience throughout the 20th century. In February, all senior English students attended an educational matinee of August Wilson’s groundbreaking play “Fences.” Presented by the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, the performance enhanced students’ study of the play’s text in their respective English classes and provided a foundation for visits by two of the play’s principal actors. In follow-up workshops at Seven Hills, actors Darnell Pierre Benjamin and Crystian Wiltshire led students through activities and discussions designed to explore different aspects of the play, including the role of the tragic hero and the dynamics between parents and children. The workshops helped students to better understand both the play and the challenges associated with translating the text into performance. Senior Ava Romerill commented, “The characters were brought to life, and it made me feel deeply the emotions of the characters on stage.”