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Student Artists

The arts are vital to a Seven Hills education, and all our students in our Upper School participate in arts programs as part of the curriculum. Many go beyond the classroom and develop their passions further, taking a particular interest in an instrument, musical theater, chorus, or some aspect of visual arts. Below, our student artists share how the arts have helped shape their Seven Hills’ experience.

ALLIE, ’22

Middle School

Allie not only plays violin, she also draws and paints. She says the arts have had an important impact on her time at Seven Hills. “Arts are a big part of my life,” she said. “They have allowed me to express myself in so many ways, and I can be myself when I participate in the arts.” Allie has great teachers who have helped her develop as an artist. “My art teacher, Mrs. Elissa Donovan, helped me understand the color circle by teaching us how to create an exact color by combining others. Music teacher Mr. John Rising has also helped me develop my understanding of music by letting us know how pieces form and if their tempos are steady.”

GRACE, ’21

Upper School

Grace has a love for painting, ceramics, and acting. Although it’s hard to choose, her favorite visual arts projects have been reverse glass paintings and landscape paintings. She credits her Lower and Middle School art teachers for helping her create based on her interests. “My teachers have helped me make pieces that really express who I am. Art at Seven Hills has shown me a new way to express myself.”

WILL, ’21

Upper School

Will is an accomplished performer who has several Seven Hills’ productions under his belt. He has starred in several plays and musicals, including 10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, 13, Twisted Tales of Terror, and Elf the Musical. Will said the arts have made his Seven Hills experience even more enjoyable. “The arts have taught me not to be nervous and try as hard as possible, as well as to get out of my comfort zone and be creative!”

MADDY, ’19

Upper School

Maddy counts chorus among her favorite classes. Not only does she sing classically outside of school, Maddy also participates in the Seven Hills chorus and chamber ensemble. Her teacher, Tina Kuhlman, has served as a teacher and motivator, pushing Maddy to do her best. “Mrs. Kuhlman lent me music books, assisted me with solos, critiqued my performance in order to make me better, and most importantly, has been one of the kindest people. This has helped me develop into the artist I am today.” Maddy is driven and eager to continue to sing at Seven Hills and beyond. “I am so motivated to continue my music career because of the experience I’ve had at Seven Hills.”

JAKE, ’19

Upper School

Jake can’t imagine his life without music. He has found his outlet in our chorus and performing arts programs. He remembers tackling a particularly challenging piece of music, Mozart’s Missa longa in C Minor. “The piece was exciting because the chorus broke up into their parts to learn it in a more individual way.”

YUOU, ’18

Upper School

Yuou is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to visual arts. She is not only a painter, photographer, and designer, but she also has an interest in drawing, digital art, and architecture. One of Yuou’s favorite assignments was searching for and taking photos of objects that resembled letters in her name. “I think this project pushed me and other students to be creative and to become keener observers.” She also enjoys using the tools found in the arts classrooms. “In both my digital imaging class and graphic design class, we use computer applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator.”