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Student Life and Community

Clubs at Seven Hills that Foster Equity, Justice, and Community

At Seven Hills, we value individuality and we encourage our students and teachers to tap into the school community and our neighboring communities with the goal of helping others. Of the 65 student-driven clubs throughout our Lower, Middle, and Upper schools, 11 groups support, appreciate, and illuminate the many social identities, unique dialogues, and viewpoints within our school community, and beyond.

Take a look at the many ways our Seven Hills students are coming together to ask questions, initiate discussion, look at issues from different angles, and affect positive change.


Crazy Fun Community Service Club Students in first- through fifth-grade meet to discuss needs in the school and neighboring communities, then set a schedule to participate in group community service work on a monthly basis.

Service ClubFourth- and fifth-graders work to develop an awareness of both local and global issues and how service to the community can be woven into everyday life.

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Community Change Club – Students make a difference for their community, from friends and school, to the environment, and beyond.

Culture Club – Students meet regularly to appreciate and learn more about the richness of the cultural diversity reflected in the Middle School student body.

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Community Service – Students participate in projects that serve the community, while encouraging others in the school community to get involved in various service projects, as well. 

African-American Awareness (AAA) – Students provide education and awareness of issues involving the African-American community. They offer support to the African-American community and provide a sense of diversity and awareness of African-American culture at Seven Hills. 

Student Diversity Leadership Club – Students engage in conversations about issues affecting the school and the larger world with willingness to confront and discuss essential, and sometimes controversial topics.

Round Table – Students discuss and debate current events as well as social, cultural, political, and moral issues.

7Hills Minds – Students work to address and maintain a supportive and educational environment that respects special needs populations.

Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) – Students who are interested in issues that affect the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning) community meet to talk about current events facing the community. The club also gives all students, regardless of sexual orientation, a safe space to be themselves and feel supported by their peers.

Spanish Club – Students educate the student population of Spanish culture and hold fundraisers in order to donate funds to local Hispanic charities.

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The Seven Hills Network of African-American Parents is a community of families of Seven Hills students with a mission to stimulate a spirit of unity and support among the African/African-American community within the school. SNAAP families have developed the following as their purpose:

  • to promote and ensure a more inclusive school environment for students of African/African-American descent.
  • to promote and maintain the interest of parents of African/African-American children in the educational and extracurricular activities at Seven Hills.
  • to assist the administration, faculty, staff and students in providing cultural activities which complement the academic program.
  • to support the fund-raising efforts and activities (i.e. Annual Giving, Boosters, etc.).
  • to raise funds for cultural programs, educational needs, and/or training.
  • to stimulate family participation in school wide activities/events and to enhance faculty/staff awareness and sensitivity to the challenges faced by students of African/African-American descent to assimilate themselves in the Seven Hills community (at large).
  • to stimulate a spirit of unity and support among African/African-American students and their parents.