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Events and Traditions

Culture of Respect

We believe that our students’ learning and their lives are enriched by the vibrant, diverse culture at Seven Hills. Whether they are auctioning off their original, collaborative art pieces or making paper beads in a late-winter festival to raise funding for a sister school, our Lower School students are immersed in an atmosphere of constant growth, community, and inclusion. In Middle School, our students learn about the sobering realities of the lack of food security throughout most of the world. And our Upper School students delve into nuanced discussions and activities as they explore concepts such as diversity, identity, global citizenship, and communicating with respect, during workshops led by nationally known visiting educators.


Learn more about how our Lower, Middle, and Upper school students are working together to better understand themselves, their peers, and the greater community, in order to reach across the table—and the globe—in a rapidly changing world.  


At the very start of spring, our Lower School students gear up to participate in a number of activities that collectively help end illiteracy and lift children out of poverty in Guatemala. The two events—Doherty’s Pancake Breakfast and Art Auction and Lotspeich’s Dia de Guatemala—are planned by Seven Hills teachers and supported by students and their families. On our Doherty Campus, students work for weeks to design collaborative art pieces that will be auctioned off at a pancake breakfast. Proceeds from the event benefit the Cooperative for Education (CoEd), a non-profit organization started in Cincinnati with the purpose of ending illiteracy and lifting children out of poverty in Guatemala. On the Hillsdale Campus, students pay for admission to attend a festive day of arts, crafts, and learning fun designed by teachers. Proceeds from the event benefit our sister school, La Trompeta, in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. 

Every three years, Seven Hills’ Middle School hosts a socially complex program with a simple name: Hunger Banquet. The poignant event simulates the reality of the food crisis across the globe and illustrates its affect on various populations, including 50 percent of the world’s poorest nations. The event, which requires participants to be randomly separated into categories of wealthy nations, poor countries, and the poorest countries, offers students and their families an awareness of issues of food security both locally and nationally. The simulation drives home what the world really looks like on a micro scale, to see the disproportions between those who have and those who don’t.

Engaged discussions, and thoughtful conversations begin in many ways at Seven Hills. Because our faculty members constantly seek and value an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect, we embrace opportunities to touch on a variety of social discussions. Our students recently participated in a day-long workshop designed by our Equity & Justice committee that focused on leadership, with the goal to help students support inclusion within the school community. Throughout the multifaceted day, students discussed diversity, globalization, communicating with respect, and identity. The students worked in pairs to answer the question, “Who are you?” inviting students to discover things about their partners and themselves they otherwise would not have known.