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Equity, Justice, and Community

At The Seven Hills School, we believe in the power of connections and community. We strive to promote an environment where every student feels welcomed and supported. We embrace the importance of developing relationships and we search for the bridges that connect us. Our students feel a sense of belonging because peers, teachers, and administrators support an atmosphere where, regardless of similarities or differences, they are an integral part of the fabric of the school community.


Respected and valued

We believe that our learning community is enriched by a diversity of perspectives. Students, teachers, and families from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds bring a wealth of different viewpoints that enliven our discourse. In our diverse and inclusive community, equity, justice, and respect for others are driving imperatives.

Student Diversity

About 38% of our students are students of color.

Geographic diversity

Seven Hills students are from more than 60 ZIP codes across Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Socioeconomic Diversity

About $4 million in tuition assistance is available each year to students who show financial need.