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A glimpse into learning at Lotspeich
Sharing our Hillsdale campus with the Seven Hills Middle and Upper Schools, today’s Seven Hills Lotspeich School carries on the tradition begun by Helen Lotspeich in 1916 when she founded the Clifton Open-Air School in her home to provide boys and girls an education designed to foster their natural curiosity, their creativity, and their instinctive joy in learning.
The Lotspeich faculty builds on that tradition by orienting early learning around inquiry, experimentation, and discovery. Lotspeich places students in traditional groupings, in which they learn together both as whole classes and in small groups. The carefully sequenced program, designed and implemented by passionate, highly experienced classroom teachers and subject specialists, focuses on the acquisition of important academic, motor and social skills, and on learning to work as a team whether on a math problem or during a dramatic performance. We supplement our stimulating core curriculum with a wide range of special subjects, such as drama, art, music, foreign language, Spanish and PE/health, a reflection of the school’s commitment to educating the whole child and bringing the world into the classroom.
As part of our strong commitment to experiential learning, Lotspeich students pursue collaborative projects in every subject area. Lotspeich teachers are fully attuned to each child’s learning style. They design each project around exploration and discovery, and they carefully monitor progress along the way.
In our Fourth Grade unit on immigration, we bring the past and present together, exploring the rich traditions of many ethnic groups that arrived through Ellis and Angel Islands. We also explore modern immigration and discuss the reasons that people choose to leave their homes.
Turtles, hermit crabs, and rabbits live beside a bearded dragon lizard in the Leyman Science Center, where students conduct a series of experiments from measuring magnetic fields to predicting water displacement. Spanish class abounds with excitement as Dia de los Muertos approaches, and in language arts class you will find students introduced to engaging literature which captivates their imaginations and expands their intellectual horizons encouraging enthusiastic, habitual readers. The integration of writing equips students to tap their own creativity through traditional storytelling conventions.
Lotspeich is a lively and loving home where every child and adult genuinely cares about each other. It’s because of this spirit of caring that each student strives happily and eagerly to perform his best. We support the growth of the whole child, not only imbuing academic knowledge, but nurturing the development of a healthy and respectful attitude, good work habits, honorable values, and an undeterred enthusiasm for seeking knowledge.

Hillside campus 5400 Red Bank Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45227 513.271.9027 Doherty campus 2726 Johnstone Place Cincinnatio, Ohio 45206