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Welcome from our Lower School Heads

One of the great advantages of Seven Hills is that at the Lower School level, we offer families two distinct options for students in grades Pre-K through 5: Doherty School on the Doherty Campus and Lotspeich School on the Hillsdale Campus.
Both campuses provide warm, secure, age-appropriate learning environments. Both feature stimulating programs, carefully designed to stimulate curiosity and to foster self-confidence. Both campuses are blessed with talented and compassionate teachers, dedicated to fostering the intellectual, social, and emotional development of young children, and both provide carefully sequenced curriculums to nurture the acquisition of basic skills. Both programs are rich in opportunities for exploration and self-discovery, and both feature bright and stimulating learning environments with state-of-the art technology and a wide array of special courses in Spanish, art, music, and drama, science and global awareness. Both provide strong learning support and developmental guidance programs to meet the needs of students across a wide spectrum of ability.
In both schools, learning is an active process. Our children are writers and scientists, artists and athletes; they are thinkers and problem solvers, and each child brings his or her own perspective, talents and interests to the classroom. In both schools, the children are nurtured by caring teachers who, in close, active partnerships with parents, come to know each child individually and craft their teaching approaches to suit the unique developmental needs of each student.
Lower School is the crucial time when children develop the attitudes and approaches to learning which will sustain them through their academic years and beyond. Yes, they will learn to conquer long division, to read critically and to write with power and precision, but they will also learn to approach problems with confidence, to communicate with clarity and sort through information for the kernel of truth. Our lively bulletin boards tell the story of learning in process and progress well earned.
In truth, many of our students would thrive in either program, and historically both programs are equally successful at preparing students for the new challenges of our Middle School program, so many parents tend to choose on the basis of proximity to the respective campuses. However, some families find that methods of instruction or the personality of one campus or the other suits their child’s learning style or personality just a little bit better. Schools have personalities, and every campus has a story to tell.
We hope you will enjoy this virtual tour of our two lower divisions, Doherty and Lotspeich. But more importantly, we hope that you and your children will come visit and see for yourselves!

Carolyn Fox, Head of Lotspeich
Patti Guethlein, Head of Doherty
Hillside campus 5400 Red Bank Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45227 513.271.9027 Doherty campus 2726 Johnstone Place Cincinnatio, Ohio 45206