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Employment Opportunities at The Seven Hills School

Candidates should send a cover letter, resume, 3 letters of recommendation, and a copy of his/her transcript to Andi Guess, Administrative Assistant to the Head of School, at andi.guess@7hills.org or mail materials to Andi Guess at The Seven Hills School, 5400 Red Bank Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45227.

 2016-2017 Openings 

Middle School Spanish Maternity Leave Substitute Position
This maternity leave position, starting May 15, 2017 and ending June 6, 2017, includes the teaching of 7th and 8th grade Spanish classes as well as one section of Upper School 9th grade Spanish. The World Language curriculum in the Middle School enables students to cover the first year of a high school World Language curriculum during their consecutive 7th and 8th grade years of World Language study in the Middle School. Candidates must have, at minimum, an undergraduate degree in the field, be knowledgeable about all aspects of world language instruction, and have the ability to communicate effectively and enthusiastically. Additionally, candidates must understand and have empathy for the development of Middle School students, should be knowledgeable about appropriate curriculum and materials, and should be able to work well with able and highly motivated students, as well as students with a range of learning differences. The position requires energy, creativity, organization, and a strong commitment to a lively community of students and educators.
 2017-2018 Openings 

Part-Time Study Hall Supervisor
This part-time position includes the monitoring and supervising of Middle School aged students (ages 11-14) in a structured and appropriate Study Hall environment that allows for homework and other academic work to occur. Students who are in study halls need and expect a quiet area to work, and it is the Supervisor’s responsibility to maintain a sense of order and decorum that is conducive to such expectations. The Supervisor is not expected to provide specific academic instructional support for students; however, it is expected that the Supervisor understands and has empathy for the development of Middle School students and has the ability to positively work with this age-group.
This part-time position would begin at 8:10 AM and end at 12:40 AM, Monday – Friday throughout the 2017-2018 academic year (August 22 – June 5). Compensation for this position will be on an hourly basis and will be commensurate with the successful candidate’s prior experiences. Because this is a part-time position, there are no benefits included in the compensation package.

Lower School Early Childhood Assistant Teacher, Lotspeich Division
Seven Hills Lotspeich seeks part time assistants to work with children ages 3-4 assisting classroom teachers in the morning. An ardent interest in working with young children and a compassion for the needs of young students is essential. Success in this position requires a collaborative spirit in working with colleagues, a warmth and openness with families and a flexibility in providing assistance to students and colleagues. A degree in early education is preferred.

Office Administrator
The Seven Hills School seeks a full time (year-round) Office Administrator to split his/her time evenly between the Development Office and the Office of the Head of Upper School. Although this is a full time position, for the purpose of splitting time and job duties, it will be treated as two part-time positions.
Qualification/Skills Required:
  • An extremely well-organized, detail-oriented individual who has a high energy level, a sensitivity to the fine points of communicating with donors, parents, volunteers, and sometimes very senior level constituents, and an accompanying sense of urgency in seeing that tasks are done well, timely, and accurately.
  • Ability to multi-task and balance competing priorities.
  • Solid working knowledge of standard computer applications including MS Word and Excel.
  • Strong understanding of the need for constant communication and good interpersonal skill to ensure a clear understanding of expectations, deadlines, and time constraints.
  • An accessible, approachable people person who is focused on the needs of others more than self, responds well to correction, and does not require constant monitoring or recognition.
  • Maintain confidentiality and discretion.
Assistant To The Head Of Upper School
The first half of the day, the Office Administrator will act as the Assistant to the Head of Upper School.
Essential Duties/Responsibilities:
  • Support the Head of Upper School and the Upper School faculty.
  • Maintain daily attendance for students and faculty.
  • Follow up with families of students who are unaccounted for in morning attendance.
  • Respond to issues students bring to the main office (e.g. students not feeling well and requesting to go home, arriving late for school, needing a particular form or document, and so on).
  • Email weekly communication to faculty and parents (Friday Note and Friday Family Note or some variation thereof).
  • Act as liaison to the parents association; attend morning P.A. meetings several times a year.
  • Manage substitute teachers by setting up interviews with prospective substitutes, maintaining a list of qualified substitutes, arranging for coverage for faculty who are out, and tracking substitutes’ days worked for payroll purposes.
  • Maintain Upper School calendar, coordinating to avoid conflict.
  • Coordinate special events for the Upper School, including awards day, parent/teacher conferences, and class day.
  • Order food or refreshments for certain Upper School events.
  • Coordinate graduation (includes arranging for flowers, tux fittings, invitations and programs, and rehearsals).
Development Coordinator
The Office Administrator will act as the Development Coordinator for the second half of the day and report to the Director of Development. He/she serves as the Development Office’s primary gift processor, events tracker, and office supply and equipment overseer. This individual’s primary responsibility is to ensure accurate input, acknowledgement and reporting of gifts. Secondary responsibilities include assisting the Director of Annual Giving with solicitation mailings, emails, call sheets, etc.; supporting the Director of Alumni Engagement in preparation of invitations, mailings, meetings and recognitions; and ensuring that all department personnel have the necessary office materials to complete their required tasks. A willingness to work outside of “normal” business hours is essential as peak periods and special events necessitate some evenings and weekend hours.
Qualification/Skills Required:
  • Knowledge of development/fundraising software (preferably Raiser’s Edge) and broad understanding of the technological tools available to development offices [preferred not required].
Essential Duties/Responsibilities:
  • Ensure correct, timely processing of various types of gifts to the school, such as credit card transactions, monthly payroll gifts, transfers of stock, matching gifts, gifts-in-kind, online gifts, and memorial and in honor tribute gifts.
  • Keep complete records of gift sources, such as Annual Giving envelopes, emails of pledge commitments, emails of stock transfers, notifications of online transactions, and pledge cards delivered to the Development Office.
  • Provide Development Office personnel with copies and reports of gift details, as required, in order to assist in prompt, correct thank you to constituents and easy tracking of giving totals.
  • Daily deliver acknowledgement letters to Head of School, Director of Development and on to constituents, keeping scanned records or copies of letters sent.
  • Maintain clear and accurate records of wishes and needs for publication of donors in lists, magazines, Annual Report, etc.
  • Provide Business Office with clear and complete reports of funds received and delivered to the Business Office so that timely communication occurs between the offices to ensure accurate accounting.
  • Regularly balance funds in Development Office database with accounts in Business Office to ensure accuracy and prepare for annual audit.
  • Prepare Excel files and Word merges for printing of solicitation letters and envelopes with correct salutations, addresses, target asks and any other details needed.
  • Accept RSVPs via phone calls, emails and mail; complete timely and accurate data entry of responses; and prepare Excel files and Word documents for printing invitations, envelopes, name tags, lists of attendees, and certificates for all Alumni events including Reunion, out-of-town gatherings, lectures, class agent meetings, recognition events, etc.
  • Act as frontline person for telephone communications and office visitors, and assist with building entry for people entering Briggs Building.
  • Communicate with Director of Development, Director of Annual Giving, Director of Alumni Engagement, Advancement Services Manager, and other department personnel to ensure all gift and data entry protocols are appropriate and completed consistently.
  • Assist in maintaining Development Office calendars.
  • Ensure that appropriate amounts of letterhead, envelopes, notecards, and other office materials are kept, and that office equipment is maintained.
The above description covers the most significant duties performed, but does not exclude assignments not mentioned. A more detailed description of daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly tasks can be provided on an as needed basis.


Substitute Teachers needed for grades PreK-12th Grade in a range of disciplines. Substitute pay is $100 per day (8:00 am-3:30pm). Candidates should be college graduates. 

Once received, materials will be forwarded to the divisional substitute coordinators for review.  They will contact candidates should they have questions regarding an application.
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Hillside campus 5400 Red Bank Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45227 513.271.9027 Doherty campus 2726 Johnstone Place Cincinnatio, Ohio 45206