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College Counseling Department

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Our belief: Students have to understand themselves before they can even begin to consider which college would be best. So our counselors lead them through a process that’s as much about self-discovery as campus tours. The result: they go to colleges where they belong— and thrive.
Our four college counselors ensure that all parents and students understand our comprehensive college counseling plan as early as their freshman year, each supporting about 25 students. Not only do they get to know them personally, they help nurture their relationships with higher education institutions, and ensure they have the right balance of schools and a plan for maximizing their chances for admission.
As we move into the college application process, parents can relax. Our counselors serve as sounding boards and editors for your student's college essay, athletic resume or art portfolio, help them identify and ask for teacher recommendations, and, of course, write their own compelling letters of recommendation. By the time your student makes their decision, they have undergone a thorough process of self-discovery. They comprehend what matters to them and successfully complete the admission process, emerging with a mature sense of their own values.

View our College Counseling Handbook.

College Admissions Timeline
Ninth Grade
We encourage freshmen to:
begin to identify their own love of learning
continue to build study habits
become engaged in the life of the school
explore talents, interests and opportunities (clubs, sports, music, art, theatre, community service)
develop connections with other members of the school community
Tenth Grade
We encourage sophomores to:
continue to explore the intellectual life
pursue new interests and talents through extracurricular opportunities
take increased responsibility for their own learning
find ways to give back to the school and larger community
begin to familiarize themselves with the college process by sitting in on several representatives’ visits
consider the summer as a time to develop other interests through internships, enrichment opportunities or community service projects
Eleventh Grade
We encourage juniors to:
continue to challenge themselves inside the classroom and out
balance and demonstrate responsibility in their academic and social lives
reflect upon their interests, values and hopes for the future
explore college opportunities that will serve them well
Twelfth Grade
We encourage seniors to:
continue to develop critical and analytical thinking skills
take responsibility as academic and social leaders of the student body
make realistic and balanced choices about college applications
manage the details of applying to college in an organized and timely manner
recognize and appreciate the many lessons learned on the journey through high school
College Counseling Staff
Susan Marrs
Assistant Head of School, Director of College Counseling & Director of Upper/Middle Studies
University of Cincinnati - M.Ed.
University of Cincinnati - A.B.

Alex Catalan
Upper School College Counselor
University of Pennsylvania - M.S. Ed.
Beloit College - B.A.

Beth Driehaus
Upper School College Counselor & History Teacher
Columbia University/Teachers College - M.A.
Ohio University - B.A.

Lara Magdzinski
Upper School College Counselor
Kenyon College - B.A.
Northwestern University - M.S. Ed.
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Hillside campus 5400 Red Bank Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45227 513.271.9027 Doherty campus 2726 Johnstone Place Cincinnatio, Ohio 45206